Aarohan is a non-governmental organization registered in 2005 under the Society Registration Act, 1860 of India. The Head Office is located in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi- which serves as epicenter of its programs and activities.

AAROHAN is mainly working in the area of education for underprivileged children of the society, women and other community members living in difficult circumstances- children of -daily wage migrant labors, suffering from terminal diseases; from rural/tribal areas and also transgender community.

It focuses on Education,Nutrition, Health, Vocational training For women and youth. Co-curricular activities, advocacy and awareness building - child education, retention of child in school and skill training (supporting them to the logical end), girl child and gender issues being the core of its programmatic actions. Career counseling for holistic development and facilitating gainful employment is integral part of our programmes. The organization’s approach is different in the sense it takes upon it the parental responsibilities. It strives to provide  support to their needs to complete their education till children become self reliant. Mothers’ literacy and empowerment (social, economic and financial) is critical to educating a child - is accorded importance among organization’s initiatives. Community sensitization and soliciting its cooperation is integral part of the program interventions.

If a child cannot reach to the school, the school must reach the child!”
Empowered children through exercise of Rights- education, health, nutrition and dignified livelihood”
Provide comprehensive Education, health care, skill training, empowerment support for holistic development of less-privileged children to become responsible adults and leaders of tomorrow.

The strategy implies working in tandem with government’s Right to Education (RTE) policy, making use of government’s infrastructure and provisions. The comprehensive interventions aim at enabling children complete formal schooling and subsequently imparting skill training - bringing education to the logical end. Mothers’ literacy and empowerment is acknowledged to be vital to educating a child. Ultimate objective is impacting lives. The strategic approach thus encompasses the following:

• Bringing children from street to school – providing education to children starting from their formative years and mainstreaming to formal schooling, bridge education to school drop outs and enabling them to complete school education, supplementary remedial education to school-going children enabling them to cope up with academic standards and complete schooling.

• Providing skill training to adolescent children having completed schooling and facilitating gainful employment- bringing in improvement in quality of life of the family and ensuring education of their younger siblings.

• Empowering mothers through awareness building, functional literacy, skill training for income-generation – bringing in improvement in quality of life of the family and ensuring continuation of their children’s education


• Preparing out- of- school children for formal schooling, remedial education support to school-going- children to enhance academic performance and contain drop out.

• Imparting skill training to adolescent children having completed school education.

• Empowering mothers through imparting functional literacy, gender sensitization and skill training and soliciting support.

• Sensitization of community on child rights and education; gender issues; health, hygiene and sanitation.

• Sensitizing student volunteers on social issues and soliciting volunteer’s support for value addition.

• Soliciting partnership with corporate and donor institutions for collaborative interventions


• Reached out to 7000+ children till date through various programs and projects.

• Academic Excellence (31 March 2015)- Most of the children attaining 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions in their classes.

• 4 students of Aarohan qualified for admission (2013-14) into Engineering Colleges including All India Joint Entrance Examination for Indian Institute of Technology.

• One student getting job placement in IBM, Bangalore.

• Awarded by ARISE - the ‘Best Nurturer Award’ of the year in 2014.

• Nominated for CNBC’s Awaaz’s Best Masterpreneur Award.

• Vaccination (Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Chicken Pox)to 600 children.

• Vaccination of Cervical cancer to 90 girls above 13 yrs.