The project “Special Tutorial Education to Tribal children from local Primary School” in village Laxmiposi under Baripada, Mayurbhanj district, Odisha is most challenging. The project covers 12o children.While the area is well known for its art and craft products and local Tribal dances- the Tribal live in abject poverty, cutoff from the mainstream. 

The village is about 5-6 kilometers from Baripada with accessibility being a problem round the year, becoming extremely difficult-at times unreachable- particularly during the rainy season. Almost hundred percent populations are tribal. Socio-economic conditions are extremely sad. People live in scattered locations (hamlets) in groups,

The area/region poses great challenges to development intervention due to multiplicities of factors- socio-cultural, economic, myths and faiths prevalent in tribal communities.  Also, due to being isolated location, considerable problems are encountered with regard to logistics arrangements, adequacy of civic infrastructure and facilities. 

The community is extremely backward, cut off from the main stream - is reflected by the fact that the only language known to the children is their own traditional (Lodha) tribal language. They do not know even Oriya- local language of the State.