Year 2004………………………….. Aarohan was born rather out of a stray incident!  …..And the journey started...

A seven year old child, apparently a rag picker, was caught stealing the wing-mirror of the car of a house wife, Mrs. Rani Patel. He was Rohan. To her utmost surprise, she found that Rohan was member of a group of street children between 7 to 13 years- picking rags and involved in small thefts. It made her think- thoughts going deep down, touching her emotionally! Instead of handing over these children to the police, she decided to work to improve the situation- prevent them from indulging in petty crimes and drug abuse; trying to correct them. Thus started the journey of voluntary actions (later to be named as Aarohan) – by the lady single handedly roping in a few likeminded friends. The first student enrolled for education, in the long journey of yet- to- be- formally- borne Aarohan, had been Rohan! She had decided to bring such children under education network and to the mainstream. Decided to bring them from street to school!

A visit to the nearby slum area called Jagadamba Camp (in Sheikh Sarai Phase I, South Delhi) was made by the lady along with her friends. They identified the children, who were not going to schools as well as those being school dropouts. Majority of the inhabitants (parents) have been migrants and illiterates and therefore considerable efforts followed to motivate them to send their children to schools. However, it was soon realized that mere sending these children to schools was not enough to attain goal as the problems faced by these children (in schools) prevented them to complete schooling successfully. 

Subsequently, the voluntary action was formally registered. Aarohan came into existence in year 2005- getting registered as NGO under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Since then it has continued to evolve by expanding its programmatic interventions in response to observed and felt needs of children; and has now emerged as a matured stable non-governmental organization (NGO) in its tenth year of modest but meaningful existence.

Aarohan thus presents a live example, rather a case study, of self social sensitization!