Aarohan wants every child to realize that he/she has a right to be mainstreamed and receive quality education. To make this possible, we not only provide academic support to our students as per their individual needs but also work with their parents, community and Government schools so that their academic pursuit is supported in every area of their lives, for overcoming the challenges of life boldly.

Aarohan's work begins by visiting slum communities where surveys are conducted to identify the children who are school drop-outs or have never been to school. These children are then brought to Aarohan and are made a part of an Asha Group. The level of learning is first determined and then necessary support is provided to help them get admitted in appropriate classes in the mainstream schools.

By harmonizing the main support networks of each child's life -parents, community and schools, we continue to assist children to gain confidence through providing academic and logistical support, so that they can complete their schooling successfully.


Aarohan lays emphasis on working with parents and members of the community to which the children belong and actively involves them as partners in the creation of a conducive environment for their children. As, the parents of these children are illiterate. Therefore, their prior expectation from their children is earning money than education. This is why Aarohan offers the holistic support to the children, and develops the relevant life skills which their parents cannot provide.

However, through regular parents-teachers meetings, follow-up home visits and motivation/recruitment camps, we emphasize the active involvement of the parents in the development of their children.


Intimidated by the admission procedures, illiterate parents often feel discouraged and do not even attempt to put their children in schools. Every year at the time of admission, Aarohan staff assists parents in getting their children admitted in appropreate classes. Older children, who have never been to school are tutored for a year and then admitted into classes that match their level. Since 2005, we have admitted over 750 children in the schools.


We believe that early exposure to education is a must for each child. Therefore, decision was taken to run a nursery school in the Jagadamaba Camp slum area in Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi. Beginning early, we prepare younger children of 3 to 5 years for the school. Teaching through play and coaching them on personal hygiene and social skills, these children are more prepared to enter a structured learning system. This has become our flagship project.

Significant aspects of Jagdamba Camp are:

  1. To provide a physically secure and hygenic learnig environment
  2. To facilitate basic cognitive development of children
  3. To prepare children to better assimilate into maintreams schools
  4. To spread awareness among parents on how to care their children’s early development
  5. To help parents in completion of necessary documentation 

After admission, continuous academic support is being provided after-school hours as per the needs of children. This helps them to cope-up with their syllabus and textbooks. Our main aim is to strengthen each child’s basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Thus, such children are less likely to feel overwhelmed and discontinue their schooling.

With the goal of providing holistic development to each child, our students are taught etiquettes and social decorum and are given resposibilities of the organization as well. On numerous occasions, we have watched our children show themselves to be confident and self-assured young people, who participate without any fear on public platforms. In addition to education them, we provide vocational training also to entitle them for a respectful living/earning.