"To Support the Tribal community living in the East Cost of odisha and Andra Pradesh"

To Empower and Aware the tribal and rural communities Aarohan has initiated to provide the support through training, documentation, advocacy and awareness on there rights and justice.

The Programs include education, Skill training, poverty elevation, protecting cultural heritege of the tribe.

In Andhra Pradesh Aarohan has initiated the activities networking with local community based organization in  Vishakhapatnam, Vijayanagaram, Srikakulam districts. 

Education program in village Laxmiposi of Mayurbhanj district, Odisha is alligned with Aarohan's Mission and Vission. The project covers 12o children.



Aarohan has been working in Baripada since 2009 - With the tribal children of Lodha tribes.  

These Tribal continue to languish in isolation –cut off from the mainstream of national scene with insignificant participation in development process.
Living under abject poverty, men and women often go to distant locations
Children, in general, and women are victims of under nourishment.
Child education, health and safety, in general, continue to be the major casualty.




Aarohan's Main Focus:

  • Making learning joyful
  • Quality education
  • Helping children to successfully cope with academic standard and continue with education
  • Teaching of local Oriya language
  • Providing nutrition supplementation (mid-day meal).
  • Providing stationary, school uniform and books
  • Providing health check up services periodically
  • Celebrating events and festivals
  • Local Craft Making