Aarohan, is working with a community of about 800 transgender residing in and around Sultanpuri in Western part of Delhi city. This is a Targeted Intervention by Delhi States AIDS Control Society DSACS (which is supported by NACO since 2012), and a Special Project under Aarohan’s ambit.

The project activities include awareness building about risks involved in unsafe sex, STIs/RTIs, HIV/AIDS; safe sex promotion (condom use); regular health check-ups (STIs/RTIs) including blood test; personalized counseling (sexual health).

The project office (A109 Balbirnagar, Kirari, New Delhi-86) consists of-:

->Counseling & Health checkup room
-> Drop in Centre(DIC)
->Office of Project Manager
->Terrace for recreational activities
-> Kitchen and toilet

The Project is headed by Project Manager (a transgender person –with a Masters Degree in Social Work) and assisted by 15 Peer Educators (transgender) for outreach activities.

A qualified medical doctor visits the health centre three times in a week for blood testing; checkup (sexual infections) and a professionally trained Counselor (transgender) provides personalized counseling.

Extensive awareness building campaigns for sensitization, are conducted in community outreach at nodal points- meeting places of transgender- which focus on health and hygiene and safe sex. Campaigns are also executed to motivate the transgender community for a more dignified livelihood.

Aarohan is tirelessly working for the rights of transgender through collaborations with individuals, organizations and Government departments (Ministry of Social justice) to provide them opportunities and to bring them in mainstream society.

You can also read the story of Neeraj from our project who broke the norm and went on to become a successful model for a global cosmetic brand in her new identity as Nirjara. Read here (Pls link this to the Nirjara’s success story)