Volunteering plays significant role in quality value additions and enriching organizational expertise in any social organization- bringing in growth, professional maturity and resources. However, it is also a two-way traffic in the sense that it also provides volunteers with unique opportunity- interface with earthy realities- which helps gain maturity as human being and as professional.

Aarohan has been privileged with services of Volunteers from different outfits- College/Universities (national and international), professional institutions as well as Corporate which have significantly helped Aarohan grow and mature as a stable NGO. Their contribution has not only been through their valuable time and efforts but also their creative perspectives, suggestions and feedbacks have proved very helpful to Aarohan in achieving its vision and objectives.

Aarohan not only engages these volunteers in social work but also focuses on sensitizing them towards the current social issues and its working methodology so that they become an asset of tomorrow rather than an instant bubble with myopic social concerns.

Aarohan as on date gets recognized by leading institutes like IIT, IIM, IMI, Jamia, LSR, Amity, IILM and international universities/institutions who send their students for Volunteering – in most cases the assignment being part of their academic requirements. . Currently there are about 200 volunteers getting associated with Aarohan during the year.

Volunteering has been source of strength and inspirations is reflected by the fact that AAROHAN, unlike others, is not recognized by a single face, founder or a trust, but is represented by a faction of volunteers whose consistent dedication and passion has helped in making the Aarohan into what it is today.

However, Aarohan’s journey continues and there are still many milestones to be achieved. We therefore look forward to many more volunteers who can join us for this noble cause.

If you are interested to become a volunteer with our organization, send your application filling in the attached Form and contact us at:

Phone : 011- 41007526

Email [email protected]

  About Yourself    



We in AAROHAN think that our volunteers must be proactive! That is because sometimes it can be hard to have predefined tasks to every volunteer we receive. This can cause us not to use your volunteering skill in full, which will be unfortunate as it will deny Aarohan derive maximum benefits; whereas you also may not be happy and satisfied with your contributions.

Arts Music Drawing, Dance & Theater.
Education English Classes, Litracy, Create Education Material, Improve Teaching Methodology, Reading to Chilren.
Engineering IT Classes (Basic Computing, MS-Office Package, Software Programming Languages), Website Updates.
Journalism Producing Documentries, Articles, Research Related to AAROHAN'S Work.
Law Lectures on Human Rights, Children Rights, Women Rights.
Medicine Healthcare and Hygiene Lectures.
Economics & Management Accounting Fund Raising, KPI Traking and Organizational Management.
Media Media Producing : Photographs, Video (Fund Raising, Documentary and Short Videos).
Nutrition Plan Meals (Nutritious, Low Cost, Tasty), Plan Groceries Purchasing According to Family's Income, Teach Food Hygiene.
Others Leadership, Playing with Children, Environment/Diseases/Drug Awareness, Women Empowerment.
Arts Development In order to broaden lectures diversity and to provide activities in all areas, the Volunteers can do fun activities with the kids that also develop their interest for arts, such as drwaing dancing and music.
Public Relations AAROHAN, Just like any other organization. need to keep always updating information about its work and the new events that occured so all its supporters can be informed about what we have done. Therefore, there is a contant need to document (with text, videos & pictures) about the main events that have been happening on AAROHAN each week. This information will updated on our website and facebook page.
Managing & Accounting Management Students can help AAROHAN to improve as an organization, this include accounting, measuring and improving project performance and reaching to the institutions for sponsor and partnerships.
Fund Raising Raising funds is a key for the NGO to keep on its mission to help. The NGO has a series of costs to deal with every month like rent, electricity, water as well as salaries, meals and sponsorships. Volunteers can organize events (races, presentations etc.), online fund raising (social media, fund raising softwares, emails) or produce fund raising matelials such as videos, presentations and other media materials to aware people about AAROHAN's existance and work.
Playing with Children This is an alternative for the volunteer that wants to gateway from his/her profession when helping and also to see another perspective of India. Several activities need hands and open hearts to help, such as spending time with young chilren (2-5 years old) in another AAROHAN's facility located in a slum community or helping with the meals.
Surveying for Awareness Volunteers can produce research or give lectures to create awareness about issues related to AAROHAN's mission or vision. A few examples are the indian education system, education encouragement, child education, child labour, poverty, the impact of donating, environment pollution, drugs, women empowermenr, and health problems.
Surveying for Academy Academic research is another opportunity that can bring fresh minded intelectuals of the key volunteer areas to the NGO. These will be engaged in academic research related to the NGO fuctioning, teaching skills, producing media about the NGO for their university papers and willing to try better solution on health and nutrition subjects as well.
Teaching For the hindi speaking volunteers there are many options on what to teach, while english speakers will have less options due to the children's low familiarity with the language. Classes will depend on volunteer's course and knowledge, and could approach primary school's content to higher level education. Other important non-academic issues can also be discussed, for instant human rights, women empowerement, healthcare, IT, litracy or leadership.