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Volunteer with us. Share your knowledge with our children. Get involved in our community projects. we promise you that it would be time well spent doing something for the good of those less fortunate


Follow us on social media. Like us, share our posts with your network. AAROHAN can use your goodwill to reach new supporters through social media

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Talk about us to your friends and family. many good people want to get involved and don’t know how. let us join hands to make the circle of good bigger


Donate to our causes. Aarohan can use your financial assistance as well as donations in kind – books, stationery, old clothes,toys,smartphones and tablets for children’s studies – everything is welcome.

Careers at AAROHAN

We have been making a difference since 2005. We are team of experienced and dedicated individuals who have strived to make a difference in the lives of children and women through education, skilling and awareness. We can use young minds with bright ideas and imagination. Build your career with AAROHAN. You will see the positive impact you have been able to make in this world.

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