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Aarohan Community Library


Community Library Project

Concept created by Aarohan to make the library interesting for children, women and other community members
Inculcate the habit of reading.
Encourage and aware the community members who cannot read and write to learn read and write.
These libraries also give opportunity to the corporates & individuals to get engaged with the community.
Awareness trough movie screening, Dance, Story Telling and other mediums
Encourage to participate and be part in their wards happiness.
Awareness and Health checkup camps are organized with the help of individuals and corporates.
Large number of volunteers participates in weekend activities. (story telling, art and craft, music, dance, etc)
School students are also given platform to showcase their talent and skills so that they get sensitized and get an opportunity to interact directly with community members.
Children are involved to beautify the library to inculcate the right of ownership.
To make accessible Newspapers, magazines books in Hindi and English Religious books of all the religion, Encyclopedia, course books, Test papers and other books, fiction, play tools, toys, blocks, etc. are made available.

Centres- In Jammun Wala Park, Jagdamba Camp, Aarohan premises (B-127, Malviya Nagar), Two Government Schools, Mangolpuri-Balbir Nagar, Sakipur Village-Greater Noida, Madanpur Khadar.

The donated books and other material are used to establish and run the libraries.

Events are organized to provide a platform and to showcase their talent they have learnt from.

Amazing outcomes/results is motivating us to develop more such Centres.


Increased community participation
The skills imparted there is becoming their livelihood opportunities for the children, women.
Literacy rate is increasing.
Newspapers, magazines and books are being available to the people who can’t afford.
Sensitization and awareness on social issues.

Aarohan’s proposal of erecting a first ever, interactive public library gave them the perfect opportunity to do something meaningful. In 2018, an innovative, interactive public library was set up at the park – managed and run by Aarohan. The library provided children and young people a safe and stimulating space to satisfy their curiosity, learn new concepts in a fun way and express their creativity.

Every weekend, Aarohan runs a busy calendar of activities for children of different age groups. The focus is on developing extra-curricular skills of children and thereby providing them with a holistic growth.

Some of the activities include:

Sketching, Drawing & Coloring Sessions

Story Telling
Dance Classes
Music Classes
Sports Activity
Film Screening