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Aarohan Model Of Education – Methodology


Aarohan’s model is based on surveys, research, and experiment, All the programs are developed in response to the needs of the children. It is believed that “the healthy growth of a child is possible, with the conducive environment” which includes family, community, education, income, dignity…
Aarohan has an active and vibrant volunteer program. The quality and deliverables of the programs are maintained with the active participation of volunteers. Volunteers from Corporates, B-Schools, and other professionals with their expert fields add value in building the capacity of the organization matching with the latest knowledge and technology.

Education Program Approach:

  • he academic support to the marginalized children is from early childhood to livelihood. That includes enrolling children in mainstream schools and after-school academic support with other needs like nutrition and health for the overall growth of the individual.
  • The curriculum followed is aligned to State/Central Board standards. Bridge classes/Nonformal Education (NFE) to bring education to out-of-school children.
  • Teaching materials (lesson plans, textbooks, teaching aids, etc.)
  • Students development and welfare through stakeholder management.
    1. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
    2. Students’ emotional well-being,
    3. Student safety and security
    4. Awareness and life skills.
    5. Counselling children and parents in groups and individuals. Domestic violence and child abuse is common in the slum areas and children get traumatized as they witness the same

Best practices:

  • Curriculum in alignment with State Board standards creates uniformity in education.
  • Apart from the given textbooks and syllabus, we incorporate audio-visual materials in classroom sessions. Textbooks are supplemented with models and videos. Pictures and placards are used to make studying more interesting and easy to grasp. We try to relate textbook materials with real-life situations such that students can easily learn and understand. Further, Role playing method is often used to make study more effective. This also develops the interpersonal and communication skills of children. Games, clay modeling, colors, and drawing are to enhance their emotional and creative expression. It not only develops their talent but also helps in improving their concentration in studies.
  • Co-curricular activities are an integral part of education for the holistic growth of a child. We believe in identifying the child’s talents and honing them. In order to foster all-round development of the children and their personality and confidence building, we explore their creative talents by encouraging them to participate in activities such as Painting, Drawing, Performing arts (music and dance, short skits, dramatics, etc.), public speaking (extempore, speech, etc.), clay modeling, plantation, outdoor and indoor games. We train and foster children showing potential in these activities. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday are reserved for these activities. Competition in these crafts is organized every quarter and winners are given prizes. We uphold the secular spirit by celebrating all festivals with great enthusiasm with decorations, art, and crafts as well as a festival food.
  • Aarohan believes that every child could be a leader. Every child is given some kind of responsibility from the very beginning. For example- Class monitor, row monitor, food monitor, cleanliness monitor, etc.
  • These children come from the weaker sections of society mostly stay in slums. Many of them witness unpleasant situations at home like abuse and domestic violence. We do our best to handle them with warmth and care to help them grow psychologically and emotionally healthy. Our teachers are trained and sensitized to deal affectionately with these children. Children are taught with expressions of affection like hugs and kisses to secure them emotionally protect their childhood.
  • We work to build an environment where children learn to believe in themselves and have high self-esteem. Children are given tasks (in addition to their academic work) in order to inculcate a sense of responsibility. Quarterly competitions in music/dance for which children are given prizes add a sense of healthy competition. We take the initiative to sensitize the parents of the children through regular counseling and participation so that they can handle their wards with care. They are taught to help their children with academics and made to realize the value and importance of education.
  • Student safety and security is improved by the following methods – A special counseling session is held to address issues related to child abuse and to teach children about “bad and good touch.” This session is conducted with students as well as with parents. They are made aware of POSCO E-Box and a live demonstration is given. Students are encouraged to speak up and express themselves so that if anything happens to them, they can communicate it without being frightened or ashamed. We help them develop and trust their instincts. They are taught through slogans like “Stranger is danger.”


Aarohan has a unique model of education with quality deliverables. It has covered many milestones, received awards for its unique approach and holistic support to education. In Aarohan, the dropout rate is only 2-3%. The percentage score of students mainly lies in the 60-100% range. Every year our students top their class with a very high percentage of marks in their respective classes.


Working with children from marginalized sections of society has its challenges. We have identified some of the key issues and also found unique and innovative workarounds to address them.


First-generation learners – Most of the children are from a poor background, so it is hard to create interest in studies. We have made classes more participative which makes studies more interesting. Our classroom walls are covered with creative materials to create a happy and vibrant environment. Aarohan believes that every child is different and acts according to the need.


Parent’s indifferent attitude towards studies – To address it, Aarohan takes on the role of the parent and provides holistic support to the child. The timetable is flexible for parent-teacher meetings. Teachers are available 24×7 for any query. Every teacher has their WhatsApp groups with children and parents. Counseling sessions are planned with the parents and students to solve this problem in groups and individuals. Regular meetings with school teachers to know the track record of the child’s growth and are maintained.


Most of the parents are migrant workers, they go back home when they don’t have work – To fix this problem, vocational training is provided to increase their employability and inform them about various government schemes related to this. We also collaborate with other NGOs to help the parents with livelihood opportunities.


Challenges of Access – Cycles are provided to the children who come from faraway places especially girls. In the unprecedented situation arising out of the lockdown and COVID19, Aarohan stepped up and provided tablets and smartphones at the center to ensure that children do not lose out from their online classes.


Lack of Nutrition – Nutritious meals/supplements are provided to address malnourishment. We also hold workshops with parents to make them understand the importance of providing the right kind of food for their overall development.