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About Aarohan


Aarohan means a climb.

Aarohan is building up those stepping stones. Aarohan since its inception in 2005, has been helping deprived, excluded and marginalized children to climb out of barriers and boundaries to achieve their rightful place in the social structure and realized their full potential.

This non-governmental organization is relentlessly working for promoting child centred development and bring about sustainable positive changes in their lives irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and gender.

Vision- For every child to have the opportunity to exercise her/his right to education, health and nutrition and for every adult to access a livelihood with dignity.

Mission- To provide comprehensive and holistic support through education, health care, skill training and other programs for the welfare of children, women, transgender and other community members of the society aligning with Sustainable Development Goals.

History of Aarohan:

The story of Aarohan began with a 7-year-old rag picker ROHAN was caught stealing the wing mirror of a car.

Instead of handing over the boy to the police, the reason behind his act was tried to understand by the car owner, Ms. Rani Patel.

This incident took place in 2004. It was to her utmost surprise what ROHAN has shared, “he was a member of a group of street children- picking up rag, practice pity thefts and victims of substance abuse and were also sexually abused”.

The incident touched emotionally to Mrs. Patel. Analyzing the situation, she found herself to be ignorant about the evils of society and the challenges of migrants, despite her sound educational background.

Ms Patel along with her friend Anjana Tata tried to know more about the street children and went to the neighborhood slums. They found young children aimlessly loitering around and influenced by older kids. During their visit, they interacted with the community members and children.

The parents of these children are generally illiterate and migrate from other states in search of livelihood.

It was obvious that illiteracy generates a vicious cycle of illiteracy.

-Ms Patel (Present President) and Ms Anjana Tata (Secretary) decided to bring the children under the educational network who are out of school and support…