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Early Childhood Care and Development


Childhood is like a seedling. It grows healthy when it gets proper sunlight, water and manure. If investment is made in early years, it can be proved to create the human capital. Poor nutrition, environment and opportunities have direct impact on learning and growth of a child.

“Early Childhood Education is the Key to betterment of the Society” – Maria Montessori

Since 2005, Aarohan has been working with the migrant population of South Delhi focusing on holistic child development with different socio – economic background. Aarohan’s Early Childhood Development program is based on survey, research and experiment.

Early childhood is the period of development of a child’s brain. The rapid brain growth that happens during this period of life is astounding. During this time period, brain connections forms at an unrepeated speed. They develop cognitive, social and emotional skills, influencing their capacity to learn, to solve the problems and their social skills. Proper nutrition and protection from diseases through following a proper vaccination program is key to the overall development of the child.

Mental and physical development is the core focus at early ages. Over the years Aarohan has developed a unique model of early childcare center by involving different stakeholders and extending the holistic support to the children from 0 to 5 years of age ensuring Safety, Health, Nutrition and Education.

In 2006, Aarohan developed an Early Childcare Centre in middle of Jagdamba Camp slum in South Delhi. The Centre is the first of its kind. It not only addresses the needs of early childcare but also focuses on learning/knowing and understanding the behavior of slum dwellers very closely. This helps with gleaning information about the issues affecting early child care and other programs targeting children at a systemic level – thereby enabling Aarohan to craft interventions which are more effective and impactful.

The Centre has become a learning model for other organizations to understand and learn the functioning and replicate it at other locations. This Centre has received recognition from academic and social organizations like Save the Children-Nepal, IGNOU, Manipal University, Bharathiar University Coimbatore and DOWN Town University among others.

The key activities at the Early Childcare Centre, Jagdamba Camp include:

->Develop community awareness about childcare
->Teaching with play way methods.
->Training to the parents and caregivers about the safety, health, Nutrition and participation in Education
->Designing curriculum and planning a conducive environment for children
->Encourage children’s curiosity, excitement & exploration of new things
->Provide exposure to a variety of learning material of their choice.
->Encourage risk taking and ensure psychological safety
->Monitor health and development milestones of infants in the slums