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Dheeraj Impact Story


Dheeraj Scholarship for Academic Excellence

In fond memory of our beloved student Dheeraj, Aarohan in partnership with College du Léman International School has instituted the “Dheeraj Scholarship for Academic Excellence” to be given to the top two students of Aarohan from class X each year. Students scoring the highest marks in Class X Board examinations get a cash award of Rs. 10,000/- and the student with the second highest score gets a cash award of Rs. 5,000/-

The scholarship is funded by teachers and parents of students of College du Léman International School, Geneva.

Dheeraj came to Aarohan when he was 13 years old and studying in the 8th standard. His brother Suraj and he both were sincere students but Dheeraj was exceptional in his performance. He came from a poor household with meagre means. His father was a street tailor and barely made enough to put food on the table. The family lived in a small room below the staircase of a building

Dheeraj was one of the brightest students at Aarohan. He secured 95% in class XII. He then went on to successfully clear the IIT JEE examination. Due to paucity of funds, he could not manage to join IIT Delhi. Mrs. Kiran Walia the Health Minister of Delhi paid for his admission to NIIT. Navbharat Times went on to raise funds for Dheeraj under the ‘Make a Star’ campaign which raised approximately Rs. 9 lakhs. The cheque was handed over to Dheeraj by the film star Ajay Devgan at an event at Kamani Centre.

After this achievement he set an example for other children. He was concerned about other children like him. He spent time motivating and sharing experiences with other children of Aarohan and taught science and mathematics. He always promised that he would continue to support Aarohan once he starts working.

Dheeraj was an inspiration to all of us at Aarohan and the Dheeraj Scholarship of Academic Excellence is our way of remembering him and keeping his spirit alive.
2015 – Kulsum
2016 & 2017- Pinki
2018 – Ateeb
2019 – Ruchi

2020 & 2021- Mohd. Danish